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Loutzenhiser Cattle Company

Australian Shepherds

At Loutzenhiser Cattle Company (LCC), Australian Shepherds are vital for managing livestock and maintaining ranch operations. Known for their intelligence, agility, and strong work ethic, these versatile dogs excel in tasks such as herding, boundary monitoring, visitor alerting, and delivering abundant amusement through their charming and endearing personalities. As loyal, adaptable, and energetic partners, our Aussies contribute significantly to our overall efficiency and success.

Through careful selection and pairing of parent dogs with outstanding intelligence, agility, and work ethic, we aim to consistently produce offspring that embody these desirable qualities. By prioritizing health, temperament, and adherence to breed standards, we strive to share the excellence of Australian Shepherds with others. Our past puppies have grown into thriving urban companions for active families, diligent working ranch dogs, trusted travel partners for cross-state journeys, residing in various locations across the United States and even internationally.

2Morrow Colorado AbiGrace

Named after an influential Red Angus cow, AbiGrace is a welcome addition to the Loutzenhiser Ranch. With cow sense and an abundance of sass, Abi lives life to the fullest, working hard, playing hard, and loving hard. Although gaining her trust takes some effort, once you're part of her circle, she's a great cuddle and eager to please. Her watchful eye and protective instincts keep unwanted critters at bay, and even as a puppy, Abi fearlessly explored and adventured on her own.

She gets along well with other ranch dogs, but is just as content being independent and doing her own thing. Abi's smaller frame and stocky build, combined with her dark red coat and flashy copper trim, make her a standout on the ranch.

Color: Red Tri  -  Weight: 40lbs. - Eyes: Copper
Registry: AKC, ASDR  - Born: 5/9/2021

AbiGrace * Decker 

Puppies are expected in June 2024!


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Frying Pan Ranch Australian Shepherds

We are proud to cooperate with our neighbors and friends, the Bledsoe Family, to bring you the best Australian Shepherds. 



Rancho Snowfall Colorado Clark
Clark has never met a stranger, whether they are human or canine. Along with that confidence, she exemplifies the versatility of the Aussie breed by being a successful working dog on the ranch by day and a well behaved inside companion at night. She is determined and focused when ranching, but is always up for a hug and quick swim when the job is done. Clark loves children and has proven herself an invaluable babysitter on many occasions. 

 Color: Black Tri with White and Copper Trim
Weight: 45lbs.  -  Eyes: Copper
Registry: AKC, ASCA, ASDR
Born: 4/27/2018
Frying Pan Ranch Augustus McCrae
After a long search, we were able to find this handsome gentleman in Montana at a ranch that shares our emphasis on authentic Australian Shepherd lineages. Even as a puppy, his rockstar personality has assured us he was worth the wait. Gus has a quiet confidence about him and is a friend to all, human and animal. One look into his dreamy blue eyes will sweep you off your feet. His willingness to learn, desire to please and stocky build make Gus an ideal working and family dog. He has proven himself by siring litters with remarkable versatility and adaptability.

Color: Red Tri - Weight: 50lbs = Eyes: Blue
Registry: ASDR  - Born: 5/30/2022


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