2022 Availability

November 1st, 2022

1/2                                Bob E. 

1/2_____________________Jennifer D. 

1 (whole)                          Brett I. 


November 30th, 2022

1 (whole)                          Bill W. 

1/4_____________________Laura J. 

1/4                                Barry A.

1/4                                Carol B.

1/2                                Stacey L.  

1/2_____________________Gregg L.  

1/2                                Voneen M.

1/4                                Jennifer M. 

1/4                                 Julie C. 

3/4                                 Ernie W. 


December 8th, 2022

1 (whole)________________Jennie J.

1/2                               Doyle L.

1/4                               Jim H. 

1/4                               Ralph R. 

1/4                               Jim K.

1/4                               Debra B. 

1/2                               Dallas L. 


May 2023

4 whole available (can be split)


How Do I Get Beef?

  1. Determine how much finished product you are looking for and your budget. We reserve custom orders as 1/4, 1/2 or whole carcasses. SEE FAQ BELOW.       

  2. Check posted availability list. 

  3. Contact via email or cell phone.              (970-302-9804) 

  4. We will confirm your order. 

  5. Cattle are delivered to the processor and you need to place a cutting order to Otteman's. (See Processing  page for more info.)

  6. The total due for the animal will be sent out along with payment details. 

  7. Pay for processing directly to Otteman's. 

  8. Delivery of your finished product will be set up. Delivery is included in the purchase price. 

Frequently Asked

Payment Option 

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